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Armidale Golf Club’s involvement in our Community

Armidale Golf Club is involved in a wide range of charitable events and community development projects.

The club also nurtures local golfing talent in Armidale and surrounds. For example, the Armidale Golf Club assists both junior and senior golfers to achieve their personal aspirations when it comes to golfing. The current club champion, Tim Murray is an exceptionally talented golfer as are younger golfers such as Toby Cooper, Jack Carey, Cameron Lankester and Bronte Walsh. Amanda Carr from Carr’s newsXpress is the current ladies club champion and continues to win many regional competitions.

In addition, Armidale Golf Club supports the University of New England’s students in a variety of ways.  The residential colleges at UNE are supported as the club sponsors Robb Rugby and the Austin College Netball Team. One worthy UNE student who has a passion for golf also benefits from a $1500 scholarship each year from the Club. This money can be used by that student to pay for their fees or buy textbooks. The current scholarship holder is Ed Brentnall who is studying medicine at UNE.   

The Armidale Golf Club hosts fundraisers with some notable examples being the recent Westpac Rescue Helicopter Golf Day and the Kelly Moran fundraiser! The Lions Club, Can Assist and local schools are also supported by the Club!

The management and board of the Armidale Golf Club also like to support Armidale local businesses whenever possible by purchasing their paper, stationary, food supplies, furnishings and transport from locally owned and operated businesses. Of course, the Golf Club also relies on the local community to support them so that they can continue supporting the community as they do.

Thank you Armidale Golf Club for supporting our local community!

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