Contact Details

Business Name: MonfiaConnect
Phone: 1300353947
Email: info@monfiaconnect.com
Address: 8a/149 Beardy Street
NSW, 2350
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/monfiaconnect
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MonfiaConnect
Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/114624850889497211300/about
Website: http://www.monfiaconnect.com

Articles about MonfiaConnect


Introducing MonfiaConnect

MonfiaConnect is a new locally owned and operated business that specialises in digital marketing. That is helping business owners improve their web presence so that they can grow their business and reach their customers more effectively. MonfiaConnect was only founded at the beginning of 2015 when David Levingston realised that systems needed to be designed […]


MonfiaConnect – Meet the Owner

It is always extremely heart-warming to hear about local success stories. This is especially the case when the story relates to a young, bright, motivated and very capable person who both grew up and was educated in the local area. David Levingston, the owner of MonfiaConnect is a great example of someone who fits this […]


MonfiaConnect – Conclusion

One of the primary reasons why David has been able to successfully grow a business like MonfiaConnect in Armidale is because of the NBN. In fact David notes that there is no way that his business could operate out of Armidale without the presence of the NBN. Like many others, David thinks that we need […]

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