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There are many advantages (both tangible and intangible) of becoming a Locals 4 Locals member. Locals 4 Locals is committed to enriching Armidale (and the surrounding areas) and the Armidale business community by supporting a strong, community-supported, and locally-owned business base. The group knows that if there is a strong and healthy business community that this will directly impact on the health and prosperity of the whole community. Locals 4 Locals will highlight the major contribution of individual local businesses to the general community, local schools, sporting groups and charities, community entities, festivals and fundraisers through various means.

Locals 4 Locals also promote a high standard of customer service, ethical trading, and business referral between fellow members for mutual prosperity. So if you have the Locals 4 Locals signage associated with your local business, your customers will instantly know that you have a strong social conscience and are committed to the local community.

Overall, Locals 4 Locals are committed to recognising and promoting local businesses that are entitled to display the Locals 4 Locals ‘stamp of approval’.

Our Current Membership Base                                  

Our membership is growing every day, to view the full listing please click here

Want to Join?

In order to maintain the values and purposes of the Locals 4 Locals entity, if you as a business owner would like to become a member, you need to be able to meet the following criteria:

Criteria for Membership

  1. Your business is privately owned
  2. Your business can be bought or sold on the open market
  3. Your business is located and registered within 85km of Armidale NSW
  4. Business owners (owning >50%) live within 85km of Armidale
  5. You make independent decisions relevant to purchasing, practices and distribution
  6. You independently pay rent, marketing and other running costs
  7. You agree to operate ethically while providing a high standard of customer service
  8. You agree to support other Locals 4 Locals businesses where possible

If you are a 'not-for-profit company limited by guarantee' and have an Armidale office, you are eligible for a Locals 4 Locals Community Membership.

What's in it for me? (as a Business Owner)

Locals 4 Locals has provided a forum for local businesses to come together and mutually promote and support each other.  Specifically,

  1. We promote business referrals between fellow members for mutual prosperity and advocate a high standard of customer service and ethical trading.
  2. We are a not-for-profit organisation dedicated solely to promoting community support for local business
  3. The Locals 4 Locals Stamp shows your customers and other stakeholders that your business supports the local community
  4. You can directly market and communicate with fellow members through group emails
  5. You receive excellent value for money recognition of your business through group marketing
  6. Inclusion in monthly promotions
  7. Access to seasonal promotions
  8. Database for personal client information for your private promotional campaigns
  9. Your customers/clients are going to be more likely to find your business if you are a member of the Locals 4 Locals organisation. In fact, the Locals 4 Locals website is specifically designed to enhance your business’s online profile. If you already have a web page for your business the presence of your information on the Locals 4 Locals webpage will make it more likely for your individual website to be found. If you don’t have a website for your business, becoming a Locals 4 Locals member will mean that you will instantly receive a web presence allowing your contact details to be found easily by potential customers.

How does it work?

When customers and other stakeholders see the Locals 4 Locals insignia on businesses, they can easily identify that it is a locally owned business that actively supports local charities and causes. Like a Fairtrade certification for example, the Locals 4 Locals logo is easily identifiable to customers and other community members. 

What does it cost to Join Locals 4 Locals?

It costs $365 per year and a one-off joining fee of $135 to become a member of Locals 4 Locals. This fee includes general advertising and promotion, your logo and business information on the Locals 4 Locals website, secure private database facility, and a membership kit of logos, stickers and brochures.

The funds that are collected by Locals4Locals are used for promoting local member businesses and Armidale in general. Members are often asked how they would like to spend the money that is raised, so if you choose to you can have a direct say as to how the funds are spent. 

To join, or find out more, please complete the form and you will be contacted by one of the Locals 4 Locals Board members.

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