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Inner Path Natural Therapies About the Business

Inner Path Natural Therapies as a business is fascinating, as it has both a very serious and a fun side. It stocks a wide range of products such as jewellery, lamps and crystals. In contrast, the business also has a dispensary and qualified practitioners who help people manage a variety of ailments.

Leigh and the staff at Inner Path Natural Therapies, are vigilant about adhering to all the Australian standards for alternative medicine. This includes the duty of confidentiality, they owe to their customers and patients. This means, if you seek help for any type of condition, the staff at Inner Path Natural Therapies can’t tell anyone else what you have said or what you are being treated for.

Leigh and Paul can formulate herbal remedies, which are specifically prepared for you and your individual health issues. You can also be confident, they will make sure any herbal remedies which are prescribed, will not react badly with any medication you are already taking. Leigh and Paul know how important conventional medicine is to people’s wellbeing and health, and only ever wants to complement the treatment plans of medical doctors. Medications and herbal remedies are not given to customers and patients unless, it is checked by either Paul or Leigh, who are qualified to do so.

If you want expert herbalist advice from Leigh, you can either ask to speak to her over the counter or you can book an hour long personal consultation.

Like other small business owners, Leigh realises the importance of supporting locally owned and operated businesses. She says ‘small businesses provide that personal touch you can’t get online. Small business owners and staff usually put more effort into their businesses, and make sure they have the stock their customers want. When people enter a small business, they can be confident they will talk to someone who knows a lot about the business. You will most likely receive a smile as well!’

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