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Inner Path Natural Therapies – The Importance of Alternative Therapies

Recently there was a serious flood at Smith House, which ruined a lot of the stock and fixtures in the shop. Leigh and Paul had no option but to close the shop for six weeks. For Inner Path Natural Therapies’s regular customers, this was a long six weeks. When the shop opened again, people were openly delighted. Of course, this reception was heartening for Leigh and Paul, as this reaction reaffirmed their hard work is all worthwhile.

When we asked Leigh about where she starts with her patients and customers, she notes her herbalist teacher’s first words were ‘always treat the liver!’ Apparently, giving your liver a bit of TLC is good for everyone!

Did you know the liver has many hundreds of jobs in our bodies? It helps detoxify the body and gets rid of waste products. There is also a connection between liver health and mental health. This means if your liver is not functioning properly, it is unlikely you will be experiencing either exceptional mental or physical health.  Luckily, even though our modern lifestyle is hard on our livers, it is a forgiving organ. With some attention, it can bounce back to be as good as new!

Herbal medicines have never been more popular! Leigh thinks one of the reasons for this is, people don’t like the side effects of traditional medication. In particular, the younger generation are increasingly inquisitive and are open to trying more natural therapies!

In terms of living a good and long life, Leigh notes ‘there needs to be a balance of home, family, work and self-care. Most importantly, you need to try and laugh as much as you can!’

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