Introducing Barbeques Galore

John and Phillipa Grills are the owners and operators of Barbeques Galore in Armidale. In fact the long established shop has been trading for more than 26 years!

Obviously Barbeques Galore sell barbecues, but they also stock outdoor furniture, wood heaters and decorative gas fires. You can also purchase a gas fire that will heat your outdoor areas beautifully- this means you can enjoy the outdoors for many more months of the year!

The stock available in the shop changes, to some degree, depending on the season. During the summer months Barbeques Galore Armidale stocks a large range of outdoor furniture. At the moment Barbeques Galore are stocked to the brim with all the goods and accessories you can imagine to heat your house and outdoor areas during winter.

In particular Barbeques Galore Armidale stock more than five brands of wood heaters. Arguably nothing heats a home like a wood heater does!

If you do purchase a wood or gas heater, the team at Barbeques Galore Armidale can organise installation for you! This will make the whole experience of heating your home easy and hassle free!

Over the years Barbeques Galore Armidale have stocked a variety of products- such as tools and camping gear- but now have decided to specialise in a smaller range of goods. This has allowed John and Phillipa Grills and their staff to become true experts in Barbeques and heating products.

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