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Introducing Jackson’s Quality Meats

The Jackson family established their butchery business three generations ago in the 1940s- so they really know everything there is to know about meat!

Jackson’s Quality Meats (JQM) is a locally owned and operated butchery and wholesale business. JQM supply meat to the hospitality industry and the general public. In Armidale, they supply UNE’s residential colleges, local private schools and pubs with their high quality meat. The rest of the region doesn’t miss out either, as Greg supplies meat to places such as Farrer Memorial Agriculture School and the Air Academy in Tamworth. They also sell a wide selection of fruit and vegies, milk, bread and other frozen goods. For your furry friends-JQM sell high quality pet food.

JQM features the largest meat display in Armidale and probably the New England region. They have a full range of meat which will suit any budget. There is parking right out the front of the business for the ultimate in convenience.  They offer free home delivery and you can order from JQM’s popular online store. This service is especially handy for mums and dads with young children and older people who struggle to get to the shops.

Much of the meat that Greg sells comes from local farms. Both the lamb and pork products are generally sourced from the New England region. Most of the beef that is sold at JQM is also local. If you want a guarantee on the origins of the meat, JQM stock ‘Jackson’s Premium Brand.’ All the meat labelled in this way is sourced locally, from a British breed that has been pasture fed and MSA graded.

JQM is small enough to be adaptive to the changing needs and wants of their customers. They offer a large range of meat products throughout the year. JQM also stock meat that is most popular during each of the seasons. In winter, people tend to cook with secondary cuts of meat that can be used for stews and osso bucco.

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