Introducing MonfiaConnect

MonfiaConnect is a new locally owned and operated business that specialises in digital marketing. That is helping business owners improve their web presence so that they can grow their business and reach their customers more effectively. MonfiaConnect was only founded at the beginning of 2015 when David Levingston realised that systems needed to be designed to allow small and medium businesses to effectively use digital marketing like their larger competitors do.

As is becoming increasingly obvious, it has never been more imperative for small businesses to use digital marketing strategies. People of all ages are now finding products and services online and if your information is not readily available; customers may struggle to find you.

As is understandable, many business owners find digital marketing strategies challenging because of time constraints and lack of technical knowledge.  If you think this is you, then David and the team at MonfiaConnect can help you.

If you are a small business owner and have absolutely no web presence, David and the team at MonfiaConnect can build a website for your business and show you how to use and integrate several social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. They can also build this presence in a way that will help your customers find you more effectively. If you already have a web presence, David and his team can add to it in order to provide more functionality for your customers.

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  1. MonfiaConnect do all our websites and online marketing. We are currently having our third website developed through MonfiaConnect, and they have proved to be reliable, cost effective, and of the highest quality. Our brand assets are really important to us, and MonfiaConnect always develops a product that not only works with them, but enhances them. We would recommend MonfiaConnect to anyone who is serious about their online presence.

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