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Jackson’s Quality Meats – Charity

Greg Jackson from Jackson’s Quality Meats, was one of the founders of ‘Locals 4 Locals.’ In fact, Greg is the current President of Locals 4 Locals.

He is passionate about the idea behind Locals 4 Locals, as in order to achieve a healthy community it is necessary to have strong local businesses. This allows these businesses to support important events and charities. Greg plays his part in creating a healthy community by providing sponsorship and meat at a reduced price to a selected number of charities and groups.

People are always excited to hear about JQM’s specials each week. How does Greg choose these specials?  Greg said ‘if I advertise something as being a special, I want it to be a proper special.’ What is on special is very dependent on what is readily available. If, for example, a customer orders a large amount of lamb legs, Greg will put the accompanying lamb loin chops on special, which both benefits his customers and reduces waste.

Many of us will have watched the ABC series ‘The War on Waste.’ This program really highlights how much rubbish is thrown out by our society. You will be heartened to know JQM has very minimal waste. Offal such as kidney is sold with steak, so people can make steak and kidney pie. The larger bones are sold as dog bones. All fat is reused by a separate company, so not wasted.  In fact there is so little waste at JQM, that each week, the red wheelie bin which collects waste to go to landfill is not even partially full.

Greg only purchases cartons of beef as this helps reduce waste. In fact, Greg is the only person in the business who chooses and buys beef. As Greg has so much experience with beef, he has unprecedented skills and know-how of the quality and standards of the meat.

Because of JQM’s reputation of excellence, people from around the region and around Australia come to Armidale especially to get meat from JQM. In fact, people come from Brisbane and Moreton Island to get their meat from JQM. A doctor from Port Macquarie also visits JQM frequently and says he refuses to buy meat from anywhere aside from JQM.

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