Luke & John Laws

Jackson’s Quality Meats – Luke’s Tale… the John Laws Special!

Imagine this- you are a young man working in a butcher shop. You just happen to have the radio on and John Laws is hosting his popular show.

You decide to ring The Law’s Show and chat about how you are creating the ‘weekly sausage’. You tell John Laws you work at Jackson’s Quality Meats and you are a sausage maker.

John Laws tells you excitedly about a sausage recipe he has. Laws then asks- ‘would you like my Curried Beef and Chutney sausage recipe?’


Obviously John Laws wanted to try the ‘John Law’s sausage.’ Greg decided that Luke, the sausage maker, needed to personally deliver the sausages to John Laws at his Sydney studio. Greg organised a plane ticket and accommodation for Luke. This was especially exciting for Luke as, he had never been to Sydney and in fact, had never travelled on a plane.

Luke turned up at the John Law’s studio with his sausages and a JQM hat. John Laws was very appreciative of the sausages and the JQM hat was given centre stage, next to Danny Green’s boxing gloves.

Back in Armidale, JQM was inundated with orders for the John Law’s sausage. Greg sold 160 kilos of the sausage and they were freighted to as far away as Darwin.

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