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Jackson’s Quality Meats – About the Meat Industry

Greg Jackson from Jackson’s Quality Meats, has a passion for everything to do with meat.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, Greg loves cooking and cooking shows. In fact Greg watches shows such as Masterchef and Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations in order to get inspiration on what can be created with his many meat products. Greg then transfers these ideas to local chefs, so they know what they can create with the cuts of meat they purchase.

One thing we were interested to learn, is how Greg sets the prices for his products. Like the share market and gold prices, the price of meat changes daily. As this is the case, Greg acts as the stabiliser of meat prices for his many customers. This of course is a hard balancing act for JQM as they need to maintain a profit margin in order to continue running the business successfully.

We were also interested in finding out how JQM’s meat compares to the meat stocked at the large supermarket chains. Essentially, it is very hard to compare the products based solely on price. You see, the butchers at JQM specifically label their meat products so you know exactly what you are getting. Whereas at the large retailers, it is often difficult to know exactly what you are you buying? At JQM you always get good quality and consistent products which are sourced by a team who really understand meat products. The crew at JQM always work with their suppliers rather than try and exploit them.

Sadly, people with skills in butchery are diminishing. The workers in the large supermarkets usually work with pre-packaged meat and many supermarkets do not even house bandsaws and machinery for cutting up meat. This has meant there are fewer jobs for people with butchery skills- which in turn means fewer people learning the trade.

The other important reason to support locally owned and operated businesses like Jackson’s Quality Meats, is any money that is spent at these businesses is invested directly into the New England economy. In fact, JQM employs 13 workers which in turn means the business is helping to sustain 13 local families. This factor is more important than ever, as the face of retail has changed significantly. There is much more competition from large retail chains and cheaper fast food meals.

JQM has responded positively to this increased competition by offering even more service to its customers. There is now an online shop available and they offer free delivery in the local area.

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