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Brad and Sunnie purchased the shop August 2015 Sunnie was a Child Educator prior to owning the pet shop Brad had spent working as a Sports Coordinator for 13 years. Becoming a family owned pet shop was a breath of fresh air. They love to see the customers have a great experience when visiting the shop. There is no such thing as a silly question and all the staff are eager to assist in anyway they can. Brad has always been interested in fish and successfully bred lots of different species from the very simple to breed livebearers to some of the most difficult L Number catfish and lots of American and African Cichlids. In fact he had 16 aquariums operating when they purchased the pet shop! He has a fairly broad knowledge of fish but will admit he still learns a thing or two from other fish hobbyists. He has also bred lots of different species of birds from finches to larger parrots and many things in between. They love all animals and at home they have 2 Staffordshire Terrier dogs, 3 snakes, a Bearded Dragon, a Rabbit and a Quaker Parrot!

Birds & Accs.

Shake that tail feather and fly on in to see our range of food, cages, toys & treats.

Aquarium & Accs.

Don't hold your breath! Come see us for all your fishy friend needs from tanks, food, decor & other supplies for freshwater, saltwater and pond fish.

Dogs & Cats & Accs.

Everything you need from paws to tail in one place! From premium food, toys healthy care products and more!

Reptile & Accs.

Get wild with a reptile! We stock frozen food, docks, basking platforms, caves,plants & more!
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