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MyCar Sound & Communications began it’s journey in 2002 as Tim’s 2Way & Installations. The business was bought by Mark and Andrew Korsch in October 2003. Tim’s 2Way & Installations built a reputation based on a stong focus of exceptional customer relations and service in the New England area. In November 2005 Tim’s 2Way & Installations changed it’s name to MyCar Sound & Communications and continued to grow, adding new and exciting products time and time again. We are proud to partner with many of Australia’s leading mobile electronics companies to provide our customers with products and service that is second to none.

About Us

Best Brands

We are pleased to provide our customers with many high quality brands such as, Alpine, Kenwood, Fusion, Stinger, Redarc, Uniden, and Telstra just to name a few!

Best Solutions

At MyCar we pride ourselves on providing the ‘complete solution’. We don’t just sell products that ‘do the job’. If we wouldn’t be happy to own it ourself, we would never recommend it to our customers. We know exactly what each and every one of the products we sell does and exactly how it works. Service, service, service. That’s why we’re here!

Best Service

So, if you want the best in installation, products, price, service and knowledge, MyCar Sound & Communications has it for you. Call in or email us today – we guarantee we will make it worth your while!


Alan Spiteri
thank you Andrew for your professional advice, very happy with our new Alpine system .
Terry MacKenzie
I work in a remote locality (you can’t get much more remote than Ayres Rock Resort) and was searching the net for a replacement stereo for my VS Commodore as the original Eurovox 10 Stacker died. I contacted MyCar and the recommended two stereos and the gizzmo for the steering wheel controls. Being regional I had to drive the 450kms (oneway) from Yulara to Alice Springs for fitting. I located the most incompetent auto electrician in Australia who took 8 that’s right 8 hours to install the new stereo, during this time I was consistently with the boys from MyCar that did not hesitate in providing guidance for the installation. Even after the information given by MyCar, the egghead of a sparky still could not complete full installation. The customer service provided during my discussion making on the stereo and after sales service was to believed. GREAT JOB BY THE MYCAR TEAM, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, WHAT A GREAT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE
Maria Glenn
Andrew and Mark were very nice to my Husband and I when we wanted to travel around Australia. Not only did they help with all the equipment on our Caravan, but gave us great advise for operating some of the equipment that they didn’t even install. We felt very looked after and have since enjoyed our third trip around Australia. Thank you boys!
Daniel Johns
New bluetooth system in my car works a treat! Great to talk without getting busted by the rozzers.
James Cowan
MyCarSound did a great job of the sound system in my new commodore. They even got the steering wheel buttons working with the alpine head deck. Sick bass!
 Check out their webpage: https://www.mycarsound.com.au
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