MonfiaConnect – Conclusion

One of the primary reasons why David has been able to successfully grow a business like MonfiaConnect in Armidale is because of the NBN. In fact David notes that there is no way that his business could operate out of Armidale without the presence of the NBN.

Like many others, David thinks that we need to be capitalising more on the competitive advantage that having the NBN gives to Armidale and he is trying to do just this with his work with Techfest. Techfest was originally conceived by Rotary North as a way of showcasing local technology companies. Techfest is evolving under the direction of David who is currently chairing the organisation.

The fundamental premise behind Techfest is that the economy is changing and in order to compete we need to grow our local community. In other words we need to be investing in the local area and capitalising on the unique advantages that having the NBN has given Armidale. David notes that if enough energy and drive is put behind this project that it has the potential to become the Ag Quip of Armidale!  We are sure that under the direction of people like David from MonfiaConnect that anything is possible!

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