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The digital marketing space is one of the fastest growing industries in the world at the moment. In fact a recent Cisco survey noted that digital marketing expenditure was as going to be more than IT expenditure for businesses by 2017.  Larger businesses have known about this trend for a while, but it is only in recent times that many smaller businesses are realising that digital marketing is just as important to them.

The other thing that has changed in recent years is that older people are going online at an increasing rate. In fact, people over the age of 65 are the fastest growing demographic of internet users. It is arguable that digital marketing strategies will have a bigger impact on client/business relationships that even the telephone!

As most small business owners are busy with the day to day aspects of running their businesses, it may be a good idea for them to get assistance from a team such as MonfiaConnect who know all about analytics, hosting, domains and SEOs. MonfiaConnect can even build an online shop for businesses if desired. They can also help businesses out with content for their pages, whether it is videos, photography or content writing!

When asked what processes MonfiaConnect would go through to get a business online David first considers the following questions:

  1. What current marketing strategy (either digital or conventional) has the business already utilised and what have been the effects of those campaigns?
  2. How does the business plan to use technology to better reach and interact with their customers?
  3. What systems if any have been put in place to better optimise the marketing process?

It is fair to say that individual business owners can potentially come up with a marketing strategy themselves. The reality is though that there are a lot of advantages to getting a team like MonfiaConnect to do this work for you. You see building an online space is much like creating a physical structure from scratch. If the foundations are not adequate then it will be unlikely that the building will be functional or sustainable. Getting an expert to build a webpage from the ground up allows them to make sure that the user experience will be optimal and that others will be able to find the website. Other considerations that need to be thought about are making sure that the webpage is hosted properly and usually by a reliable Australian based hosting provider, utilising modern CMS backends, integrated with any necessary CRM and inventory management software as well as being integrated with social media accounts. You see, these considerations make a huge difference to the functionality and effectiveness of your website.

If businesses get all of these fundamentals right, they really have an opportunity to set themselves apart from the competition!

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