Ben Saxby standing in front of the Professionals Real Estate Armidale staff

Professionals Real Estate Armidale: Community and Charitable Work

John, Kristy and Ben from Professionals Real Estate Armidale are heavily involved and invested in the local community! The business partners cite the ‘friendly’ nature of people in Armidale and the surrounding areas and the high standard of living as some of the best things about residing in the New England region. The way that members of the Armidale community take care of each other when things are not going well is another one of the reasons why the owners of Professionals Real Estate Armidale love living in this region.

In order to contribute to and enhance the area, John, Kristy and Ben from Professionals Real Estate Armidale are involved in many community charities and fund raisers. For example, members of the real estate agency are heavily involved in the Tour de Rocks bike ride which raises money for cancer prevention. Furthermore, a portion of the profits from every house that is sold by the Professionals Group is donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation!

Aside from the more formal charities, Ben, John and Kristy from Professionals Real Estate Armidale also help people in need on a more informal basis. For example, when the trio heard about a local child who was getting treatment for cancer, without any prompting, they decided to buy him an IPAD with a significant amount of credit on it. This allowed the little boy to watch movies and play games whilst undergoing treatment in hospital.

Thank you Professionals Real Estate Armidale for sharing your story with us!

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