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Carr’s newsXpress: Supporting the Community

Rod and Amanda Carr from Carr’s newsXpress note that the best thing about owning a news-agency in Armidale is the ability to build up relationships with their customers who they may see on a weekly or in many cases daily basis! The energetic couple also love working with the other 8 staff members of the news-agency, who they clearly have an excellent rapport with. This mitigates the fact that the couple work very long hours and often 7 days a week!

Carr’s newsXpress has also witnessed extensive success in relation to lottery winnings! One of their customers once won $842,000 in the lottery and another won a car from a scratchie! Rod notes however, that Carr’s newsXpress is overdue for another big win!

Rod and Amanda from Carr’s newsXpress also like to support the local community in a variety of ways. They use their prominent position in the mall to display posters for fetes and local events. The business owners also support a variety of local fundraising efforts and school fetes. More broadly, Rod and Amanda stock Australian made products wherever possible. They support the ‘New England Home and Lifestyle’ Magazine which showcases the best of the New England as well as supporting community events by selling tickets to local shows and events.

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