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Carrs’s newsXpress: About the News-agency Industry!

When asked about how news-agencies have changed over the years, Rod from Carr’s newsXpress notes that even though there has been extensive change, the main focus of news-agencies is still the supply and sale of newspapers and magazines. Aside from this central focus there has been considerable change in direction and focus since the news-agency was originally purchased by the Carr family. When the then Pigeons’ News-agency was purchased in 1999, the shelves were covered with paperback books. Now, where those books lay, instead there are stationary supplies and gift lines.

The other interesting thing about modern day news-agencies is that like doctors and lawyers and other professional groups, news-agencies also have their own groups where they can come together and talk about the industry. Carr’s newsXpress is no exception as they belong to a news-agency marketing group called newsXpress. This membership allows Rod and Amanda to attend conferences with other newsagents and helps them maintain a strong buying power which keeps them competitively priced.

Rod notes that there will always be room for news-agencies within our community. We are inclined to agree, especially when you have personable, friendly and dedicated people like Rod and Amanda Carr within the industry!

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