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Hutchinson and Harlow Real Estate – Meet the Owners

Last week we introduced Hutchinson and Harlow Real Estate, which is the only sales specialist real estate agency in Armidale. This week, we promised to share a little more about the owners of the agency who even though they have very different backgrounds and histories, are a terrific representation of the diversity of people in Armidale.

First of all, there is Meg who was born and bred in Armidale. Meg, who is also a fully licensed real estate agent, clearly loves Armidale and the surrounding area. She cites the distinct seasons and the fact that ‘whatever you need’ is easily available in Armidale as the best things about living here. The supportive nature of the local community and the fact that ‘there is something for everyone’ are the other characteristics that Meg likes most about living in Armidale.

Peter on the other hand was born in Cyprus. His family left Cyprus after the Turkish Invasion in 1974. His parents and two brothers were granted refugee status in 1975 when Peter was 10 years old.  Peter has repaid the kindness of the Australian people many times over with his support of others who are in a less fortunate position than he is now in.

Peter started working at Hutchinson and Harlow Real Estate in 1998 with a bang! In fact he managed to sell a house on his very first day at Hutchinson and Harlow Real Estate! A few years later, Peter and Meg became part owners and then full owners of the agency.

During this time, they have seen many other agencies come and go but have built their business up by ‘supporting the community that supports them.’ They make sure that almost everything that they need to purchase for the business is derived from the local area and from local businesses.

Next week we will focus on what the future may look like for real estate.

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