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Hutchinson and Harlow Real Estate – The Future of Real Estate in Armidale

One question that we were keen to ask when talking to the team at Hutchinson and Harlow Real Estate was what they think the future of real estate will look like?

People will always need somewhere to live, so real estate agencies will continue to be a viable and important conduit between sellers and buyers. In some areas of the state, high density housing will become more prominent. In Armidale and the surrounding areas, as we are blessed with ample space, we will be fortunate to retain our country outlook without sacrificing the convenience of city living.

According to Meg Georkas, one of the changes that will take place in the real estate market is how people purchase property and how it will be marketed. As has already happened to some extent, people will rely more on technology and the internet when purchasing property. Meg notes however, that it will still be an emotional journey with most people choosing to personally visit a property before purchase. “Buying property will continue to be a tangible experience and people will still want to touch, smell and visualise themselves in a property that they plan on purchasing.”

Next week we will provide you with Hutchinson and Harlow Real Estate’s top tips for preparing your house for sale!

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