Hutchinson and Harlow Real Estate

Introducing Hutchinson and Harlow Real Estate

Locals4Locals are profiling a local business each month. This month, we are focusing on Hutchinson and Harlow Real Estate which is a locally owned and operated real estate agency. Over the next month, we will provide you with a glimpse into the real estate agency which is headed by Meg and Peter Georkas.

Hutchinson and Harlow Real Estate is the only real estate agency in Armidale which specialises in selling properties. This means that they do not manage rental properties and instead focus on marketing and selling residential property in Armidale and the surrounding areas.

One thing that struck us about the team at Hutchinson and Harlow Real Estate is how passionate they are about the New England area. They showed a genuine love not only for the local housing market, but also a genuine passion for the New England area and especially the people who live here. This passion and strong social conscience is reflected by the amazing amount of local charities and organisations that they support either financially or personally.

Next week, Locals 4 Locals will profile the owners of Hutchinson and Harlow Real Estate, Meg and Peter Georkas. You won’t believe the story behind this amazing couple!


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