Hutchinson and Harlow Real Estate

Some Concluding Words from Hutchinson and Harlow Real Estate

We will conclude our focus on Hutchinson and Harlow Real Estate Agency with this advice from Meg and Peter Georkas if you are hoping to sell your property:

“When you’ve lived in the same home for several years, you won’t immediately notice things that other people do. It helps to take a fresh look and pretend that you’re the prospective buyer coming to inspect. ”

“Take some photos for yourself – often what stands out in a photo is not what you see. Have a trusted friend or family member to come to your home and look at it as a buyer would. Ask them for an honest opinion (don’t get offended!) about first impressions, smells, furniture etc.”

Thank you Peter and Meg for allowing us to profile you as a member of Locals4Locals! Your support of local charities is appreciated by the community and your strong social conscience is truly inspirational!

Below is a list of the community groups and charities that Hutchinson and Harlow Real Estate have supported:

Armidale Chamber Commerce – business member & Committee member

Locals 4 Locals – business member

Sport UNE – Major Sponsor – Newcastle JETS tour

New England Can Assist – Melbourne Cup Luncheon – Auctioneer & Sponsor + Charity golf day – Sponsor & Auctioneer

Westpac Helicopter Ball – Auctioneer & Sponsor

Keep Armidale Moving Charity – Auctioneer & Sponsor

Harmony Group Armidale – Sponsor

Armidale Youth Futures – Auctioneer & Sponsor

PCYC Armidale – Sponsor

Earl Page College Coast Run – Auctioneer & Sponsor

Armidale Rotary – Guest speaker

Armidale Rotary Central – Guest speaker

Armidale Rotary North – Guest speaker

U3A – Armidale branch – Guest speaker

Freeman House / TAFE – Guest speaker / Presenter – Rent It – Keep It program

Camp Quality Giggle Ball – Auctioneer & Sponsor

Camp Quality Trivia Night – Auctioneer

Stars of Armidale – Cancer Council – Sponsor

North Armidale United Football Club

New England NOMADS

Armidale RAMS

DK Football Club

South Armidale Football Club

East Armidale Football Club

Armidale Cycling Club

New England Mountain Bikers + 12 hours in the Piney event

Armidale Triathlon Club

Armidale Antique Machinery Club

Armidale St Peters Gardens

Armidale Eisteddfod Society

Duval High School Careers Festival

Armidale District Cricket Association

Armidale Jockey Club

Hockey New England

Armidale Show Society

Drummond Park Preschool

Armidale Poker Run 2016

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