Things with a Difference

Things with a Difference Conclusion

One of the most important reasons to support a locally owned and operated business is that if you support them they will then be able to champion charities and causes within the community.  Things with a Difference does just this and backs a number of the local sporting teams, music events and local schools.  Jane tries to rotate the support that she gives to local charities and causes to keep it fair and equitable for everyone.

Things with a Difference is one of the locally owned and operated shops that is helping to build a vibrant and distinctive mall in Armidale. Jane has found that the mall is actually a tourist attraction for people who are visiting from out of town. Jane notes that she often has people from Sydney and Brisbane and from around the region visit the shop as part of their exploration of the mall.  Armidale is an important destination in the region so it is becoming increasingly important to have distinctive shops and restaurants such as Things with a Difference in the beautiful city!

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