Allingham's Removals

Introducing Allingham’s Removals

As its name would suggest, Allingham’s Removals & Storage is a furniture removal business. The business employs somewhere between 12 and 20 locals, depending on the time of year. In fact, perhaps unsurprisingly Christmas is the busiest time of year for the business! Allingham’s Removals which next year will be celebrating 50 years in business, […]

Meet the owner of AOK Signs

Steve McGrath has owned AOK signs for 7 years. Before buying the business Steve worked in the printing industry. When the business he was working for restructured he started searching for a business that would both relate to his experience and also present a challenge for him. Luckily he found this in AOK Signs. Steve […]

Introducing AOK Signs

AOK Signs is a locally owned signage business which has been operating for the past 20 years. AOK Signs produces all types of signage including digital printing, vehicle signage and shopfront signage. They can also create bespoke signage for houses, businesses, schools and government departments.   If you are an individual, a business owner or even […]

Richardson & Wrench

Richardson & Wrench in Armidale

Peter and Janet Cooke, the owners of Richardson & Wrench Armidale are passionate supporters of the Armidale community. For example, they have acted as Evo City Ambassadors for Armidale. During this time they were able to promote the wonderful lifestyle benefits of living in Armidale and the New England. Aside from this, in the past […]

Richardson & Wrench

Richardson & Wrench talk Real Estate

The Armidale real estate market has seen significant changes in the past two decades. In recent times many new houses have been built and this has had an impact on the rental market. Luckily for our young people, Armidale is still an affordable place to buy real estate. People with a larger budget can also […]

Richardson & Wrench

Meet the owners of Richardson & Wrench

Janet and Peter Cooke, the owners of Richardson & Wrench Armidale, moved to the city in 2003. Before this they lived in the Southern Highlands which is quite close to Sydney. Even though Peter lived in the Southern Highlands he needed to commute every day to Sydney CBD for work. As you can imagine this […]

Richardson & Wrench

Introducing Richardson & Wrench

Richardson & Wrench Armidale is a locally owned and operated real estate agency that specialises in lifestyle, investment and prestige properties. Peter and Janet Cooke have purposely kept their agency as boutique in order to give their clients the best possible personalised service. This allows the Richardson & Wrench Armidale team to market and promote […]


MonfiaConnect – Conclusion

One of the primary reasons why David has been able to successfully grow a business like MonfiaConnect in Armidale is because of the NBN. In fact David notes that there is no way that his business could operate out of Armidale without the presence of the NBN. Like many others, David thinks that we need […]


MonfiaConnect – Meet the Owner

It is always extremely heart-warming to hear about local success stories. This is especially the case when the story relates to a young, bright, motivated and very capable person who both grew up and was educated in the local area. David Levingston, the owner of MonfiaConnect is a great example of someone who fits this […]