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Meet the Owners of Carr’s newsXpress!

Rod and Amanda Carr are the owners of Carr’s newsXpress. Rod grew up in Tamworth and when he left school he started working with one of the banks in Tamworth. Rod soon decided that banking was not for him, so when the family moved to Albury in 1983 Rod started working at his parent’s newsagency. After 6 years in Albury the family sold the newsagency and purchased another newsagency in Young. 10 years later, Rod’s parents moved to Armidale when they bought ‘Pigeons Newsagency’ in 1999. Rod’s mum and dad retired in 2009 and since then Rod and Amanda have been running the newsagency.

Amanda and Rod from Carr’s newsXpress love living in Armidale and note that the educational opportunities, facilities and lifestyle are terrific in Armidale! Rod loves the climate in the New England and prefers autumn and winter over summer and spring.

Rod and Amanda have a son, Daniel who lives in Melbourne. Daniel is a ‘muso’ and is currently studying audio technology. Both Rod and Amanda enjoy playing golf in their spare time, but Rod admits that Amanda is a much better golf player than he is. Rod also enjoys reading.

Some of the most exciting times for Rod and Amanda in Carr’s newsXpress have been when they have been visited by famous customers. For example, Kerry O’Keeffe who is a famous cricketer and cricket commentator visited the newsagency whilst he was visiting Armidale. Murray, one of the original Wiggles has also visited the shop where he caused a stir with the toddler crowd!

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