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Did you know that approximately 7% of the population play golf on a regular basis? The numbers of people playing golf has declined in recent years for many reasons such as time constraints and the increasing availability of other sports. The golfing industry however, is adapting the game to cater for modern day living. For example, instead of playing 18 holes of golf, golfers can now play a 7 hole game which is often more realistic for people with busy lives. Par 3 Golf, which means that people generally only have to play a few shots to get close to the green, is another way that the industry is adapting the game to suit people’s individual needs.  Similar initiatives in the United States have seen the participation rates in golfing rise and it is likely that the same trend will happen in Australia.

Even though golf may have traditionally been seen as a game for the upper classes, it is now a game for all! In fact, golf is a great leveller, as when you are on the golf course, people are indifferent about what their golfing companions do for a living.

Golf has a reputation for being an expensive sport, but in Armidale this really isn’t the case. In fact, as an adult golfer you can become a full member of the Armidale Golf Club for less than $2 a day. The price of becoming a member is significantly cheaper if you are a junior golfer.

You can also purchase a fully serviceable golf kit for less than $500. Tim from the Armidale Golf Club has noted that once people get the golfing bug, they don’t look back.

In our next post we will discuss the many charitable and community work that the Armidale Golf Club is involved in.

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