The Beardy Street Servo

Introducing The Beardy Street Servo

We all know how important it is to support our local businesses when doing our grocery shopping. The same sentiments are also true when we buy our fuel each week- you see many petrol stations are not owned and operated by local people. The Beardy Street Servo is different though- as it is a locally owned and operated business.

In June 2016 Shane Beechey took over the management role of the Beardy street Servo on behalf of the owners Troy and Kate Wesley. Shane is joined by Aaron Walls and Jayden Smith who all work together to give their customers excellent service.

Troy and Kate chose to purchase the business as they realised Armidale needed an independent fuel retailer. They were lucky enough to find Shane to run the business on their behalf. Shane was a perfect choice to manage the business as he has 10 years’ worth of experience in the fuel retail business. In fact Shane has spent his whole career in the customer focused retail industry so he really knows how to keep customers happy.


All the staff at the Beardy Street Servo are 100% focused on providing the best customer experience possible.  As soon as you arrive at the service station the staff come and greet you. If your tyres need pumping or your oil or water needs checking Shane, Aaron or Jayden will be there to help. Even though you receive unprecedented service from the Beardy Street Servo your hip pocket won’t notice it as Shane and his staff are able to offer extremely competitive prices.


Like all the Locals 4 Locals member businesses The Beardy Street Servo sponsors local charities and community groups. In particular the Beardy Street Servo sponsor the Armidale City Westside Football Club.

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