picture of the owners and staff of Professionals Real Estate Armidale

Introducing Professionals Real Estate Armidale

Professionals Real Estate Armidale is a locally owned and operated real estate agency which is owned by Ben and Kristy Saxby and John Sewell. Including the owners, Professionals Real Estate Armidale has 11 staff members who work in all aspects of real estate. As the name of the business suggests, Professionals Armidale belongs to an entity known as the ‘Professionals’ group. This structure is distinctive as rather than being a real estate franchise, the ‘group’ is actually owned by members of the cooperative.

This business structure has many advantages for both the real estate agencies who are members of the cooperative as well as their clients. For example, members of ‘The Professionals’ entity are able to meet and network with agents from areas throughout Australia and New Zealand in order to come up with fresh and innovative ideas. In addition, the clients of the Professionals group benefit due to the innovative and philanthropic practices that are encouraged by the group.

Professionals Real Estate Armidale sells all types of real property including lifestyle, residential, commercial and business properties. John and Ben are also qualified stock and station agents, which means that they are qualified to sell larger rural holdings. In addition to this Professionals Real Estate Armidale have an extensive number of rural and commercial rental properties that they manage for their many clients.

Next week we will tell you a bit more about the owners of Professionals Real Estate in Armidale!

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