MonfiaConnect – Meet the Owner

It is always extremely heart-warming to hear about local success stories. This is especially the case when the story relates to a young, bright, motivated and very capable person who both grew up and was educated in the local area. David Levingston, the owner of MonfiaConnect is a great example of someone who fits this category!

David is an incredibly talented and capable young man who has expertise in videography (making videos), photography, computer code and even graphic design. He also has a group of predominantly local people who help him with the more specialised aspects of web design. To complement MonfiaConnect’s services they also contract with another locally owned business- Ntech and Communications- who deliver a wide range of computer based solutions for clients.

David and his wife of three years Sarah, love living in Armidale because of the cultural opportunities and lifestyle that it offers.  He also notes that Armidale is a terrific base for his internet based business due to the availability of the NBN.  The ability to be able to fly to Sydney or Brisbane in under an hour is also a significant advantage of living in Armidale for David and his wife. Most importantly, as a lover of coffee, David can indulge in his passion at the many award winning coffee shops around Armidale!

When David is not working on expanding his business he enjoys reading and learning. David particularly likes reading philosophical, theological and historical texts. He also enjoys learning about econometrics and applied mathematics. Somewhat paradoxically, David also likes sport, playing soccer and bicycle and motorbike riding.

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